EE First Reflection

I decided to explore the post-war Japanese occupation because I never had an opportunity to learn Japan’s post-war history in my previous Japanese secondary school, despite it being a relevant topic in Japan today. Once I decided on the topic, I started reading academic books from Duus and Dower to note all the evidence and arguments onto my outline document so that I can refer to various historical evidence when planning the essay’s argument. I chose secondary resources written from the West’s perspective because I realise the biased perception I may have as a Japanese; therefore these historians’ Western views enabling me to have a less subjective interpretation of the historical event. Additionally, I interviewed my grandfather via Skype as a witness of the constitutional changes and their implications, allowing me to gain insightful knowledge of the modernisation process.

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    Hi Kotono,
    I love how you’ve displayed your passion for this topic. From being in my mentor class, I know that you are a very organised student and I have no doubt that you are on top of your research.
    For next time, please include the word count at the end of your paragraph.
    Do let me or your supervisor know if we can help in any way.

    Good luck with your EE journey!

    Queen EE

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      Hi Ms.Ashton!
      Thank you for the comment.
      I’ve included my word count and it was 158!!

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