Dragons Volleyball Club (March)

It has been about a month and a half since the dragons volleyball club for season 3 started. Initially, I felt challenged as I was the newest player in the team. I was very worried if I will be able to play properly with other team players. However, I had three months of practice in my previous school last year so I was able to understand the basics of the techniques easier. If I did not quite understand how to do certain skills, everyone was kind and helpful enough to teach me.

I think this experience demonstrates learning outcome 1: identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth because, in every training, I have to think which skills I need to improve and concentrate working on. This process allows me to reflect on the skills I have developed compared to the beginning of the season. Additionally, I sometimes find it difficult to make time to go to the practice, especially when I am tired because I have to stay in school until 8 for training. Hence, representing the learning outcome 4: show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.

On the 17th, I went to a tournament at Singapore American School and this was the first time I have ever played with the UWC team. This game allowed me and the team to reflect on our communication and perseverance.

This activity is going to go on until the end of the year, so I am excited to see how much improvements I can make by constantly reflecting on my target skills and developments.

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