Dear grade 11 exams,

Dear grade 11 exams,

Here is what I feel about you…

Even before meeting you in person, I heard so much about you so I knew you were quite a big deal. I was initially was and still nervous by just hearing your name. You are so vital and important yet stressful to handle with so meeting you in person for the first time on the 16th was worrying to me. I did not want to make any negative impressions or disappoint myself, so I worked so hard for two weeks preparing for all the worst-case scenarios. To be honest, I think I did the best I can. Even when I was stressed out or when all my friends were hanging out, I tried my best to dedicate all my energy to you. But I guess not everything goes in the way I planned…

Right now, I am facing the consequences both good and bad. I am not that mad, but not satisfied at all. Maybe I had too much expectation for us to work out and get along well. Now, I have realised that we need time to get along. I promise I will try my best to make both of us happy and proud next time.


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