EE Day (May 3rd)

Through EE day, I learned that it is important to have a clear structure to establish the flow of the essay when writing a long essay. It is important to organise evidence by main points to prevent the arguments or evaluations to be repetitive. Additionally, by using the organized outline, I will be able to understand how the thesis will develop throughout. Secondly, I’ve learned that writing a 4000-word essay is significantly different from writing a 1500-word essay. The use of sub-headings should be considered and it is important to explore different points and perspectives clearly.

I am proud that I was able to start working on writing the essay, as during the research process, I was quite scared to start writing. I was not sure where to or how to start, hence I am glad that I was able to kick off the writing process well. While writing, I got to acknowledge the things I will need to do until May 18th.

  1. do more research and gather more evidence so that I will be able to analyse from different perspectives from different historians
  2. sort all evidence by arguments in the outline
  3. clarify the main arguments in each sub-headings
  4. prepare an interview question for grandpa
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