PPIS final reflection

Throughout this academic year, I joined a local service called PPIS. This service was carried out every Friday after school and we had the opportunity to interact with kids from around 3 to 5 years old. Around 15 of them came every week and we planned activities every week to fulfill the creativity aspect of youth education.

At the beginning of the service in season 1 and 2, we were struggling to organise activity every week to make each session meaningful for each kids. However, this was difficult as everyone was very busy with school work and did not have enough time to organise activities. Then, two girls from our group took the lead to organise each sessions and assigned us role each week. This was very effective and each session had structure and went on smoothly.

Through my local service, it not only made me realise the importance of communication but also acknowledged the importance of moral decision making and ethical considerations. As I was around the kids, I had to be careful of my language, attitude and topic that we were discussing. Additionally, it was essential for us to adjust our eye-level to the kids’ and this was another simple yet important lesson for me to learn and realise the significance of making others comfortable when taking care of them.

Overall, this local service was a significant learning experience for me and I was able to enjoy all the interaction I had with the kids.

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