EE Interim Reflection

Reflecting on the 4000-word submission, I am satisfied with the work I did since I developed my understanding of the Japanese constitution and its implication. I think all the secondary research provided me sufficient insights to establish my own argument with credible supporting historiographies. From the feedback, I realised that I need to change the headings into demilitarisation, civil rights and democracy to clearly portray political and socio-economic impact. Furthermore, I decided to combine the section indicating the degradation of the emperor’s status with that of civil rights and democracy. This way, I believe the structure will indicate impacts of the Constitution and answer the research question better. To effectively implement the changes, I will reorganize the essay and make sure to explicitly state the impact by consolidating the arguments with reliable historiographies. However, I must evaluate each historiography’s values and limitations to avoid bias.

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  1. Hi Kotono
    It’s good to hear that your understanding of the topic is improving and that through this improved understanding you have been able to refine your structure. Good luck working on the final draft.

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