Her Healthy Habits Reflection 1

I started joining Her Healthy Habits, which is an activity held every Monday after school with Ms.Ashton. I joined so that I will be able to gain a further balance between academics and physical activity, given how hectic the final year of IB can be. Additionally, I wanted to explore more types of training and cardio to challenge myself physically.

I think it is especially vital to learn training methods by others because I tend to stick to a certain gym routine; therefore only a certain area of my body will be trained. Even from the first session, I learned many new training methods and tips. I was able to recognise how effective they are, once I felt the muscle ache the next morning. Therefore, this CAS activity indicates the fulfilment of LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

Overall, I am looking forward to finding new ways to train and be fit while working on my academics.

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