• 2019
  • Her Healthy Habits Final Reflection

    Throughout season 1 and 2, I think I was able to become physically stronger and healthier via this activity; Her Healthy Habits. It was especially important for me to take each session┬áseriously because I never get to take enough time to work out and train muscles/cardio with other people’s advice. With Ms.Ashton’s support and instructions, […]

  • creativity
  • Kahaani ’19 (first reflection)

    Similarly to last year, I have joined Kahaani this year. I joined because I can learn more about the Indian culture, support the cause behind the dance showcase and also have fun learning dance with friends. Although it is difficult to find time to practice the dance consistently, I find it exciting to dance with […]

  • Activities
  • Tennis team (2nd reflection)

    Since the season started, I have seen improvements with my tennis skills. For example, my serves have become much more consistent and accurate. I was able to achieve this by firstly practising on my second serve and getting used to the topspin. Furthermore, I changed the way I toss the ball and also get into […]

  • Academic
  • Glopo: Universal rights and cultural relativism

    Today, in global politics class, we had a debate on whether human rights should be seen as universal rights or culturally-relative rights. This question is significant because UDHR is criticised as being a Western construct that doesn’t value cultural differences on certain ideas. The debate was carried out by firstly brainstorming some arguments on post-it […]