Her Healthy Habits Final Reflection

Throughout season 1 and 2, I think I was able to become physically stronger and healthier via this activity; Her Healthy Habits. It was especially important for me to take each session┬áseriously because I never get to take enough time to work out and train muscles/cardio with other people’s advice. With Ms.Ashton’s support and instructions, I was able to explore new techniques or methods to train my weak points – whether it be cardio, balance or muscle workouts.

One of the challenges that I faced throughout this activity was time management because my tennis team practice started in season 2. Since my training was exactly during Her Healthy Habits, I sometimes had to miss the sessions. However, to make use of this activity, I asked my friends what they have learned to be effective for them later, so that I can train likewise in my free time.

I think this activity will continue benefiting me when I go to university because I now acquired methods to stay fit with minimal time and effort.

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