• 2019
  • Her Healthy Habits Final Reflection

    Throughout season 1 and 2, I think I was able to become physically stronger and healthier via this activity; Her Healthy Habits. It was especially important for me to take each session¬†seriously because I never get to take enough time to work out and train muscles/cardio with other people’s advice. With Ms.Ashton’s support and instructions, […]

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  • Tennis team (2nd reflection)

    Since the season started, I have seen improvements with my tennis skills. For example, my serves have become much more consistent and accurate. I was able to achieve this by firstly practising on my second serve and getting used to the topspin. Furthermore, I changed the way I toss the ball and also get into […]

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  • Her Healthy Habits Reflection 1

    I started joining Her Healthy Habits, which is an activity held every Monday after school with Ms.Ashton. I joined so that I will be able to gain a further balance between academics and physical activity, given how hectic the final year of IB can be. Additionally, I wanted to explore more types of training and […]

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  • Dragons Volleyball Season 4

    Although season 4 was a short season with only 8 sessions due to project week and school schedule, I was able to learn not only physical techniques but also was able to apply growth mindset. Since it was my first year playing volleyball, I got a lot of help from the coach and fellow teammates. […]

  • Model United Nations
  • MUN Final Reflection

    I joined MUN in season 1 with ambition and excitement to interact, not only the people from East but also the MUN community in Singapore. I attended MUN@UWCSEA and MUNOFS throughout season 1 and 2. In both conferences, I was a delegate in a committee that I had never been in before so there was […]

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  • Initial: Dragon Volleyball Club

    Dragon volleyball club for season 3 started this Monday on the 19th. I joined because I played volleyball in my previous school for a season and I really liked the¬†aspect of teamwork. In comparison to tennis, which is a sport that I have been playing for five years, volleyball requires collaboration and each individual to […]