Smartphones: Are they making us smarter?

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From the second lesson:

“People are becoming precisely networked beings.”

From the TED talk:

“The only people who refer to customers as “users” are drug dealers and technologists.”

From the SLATE article:

“We ingest so much material that it’s impossible¬†not to learn something.”

I used to think that smartphones were distracting, trivial things, but now I think that they are simply just that: tools. The fault of dependency is not on the phone, but in the user; in the children we haven’t taught to wonder, to create, and to aspire. Blaming phones for “killing a generation” is the equivalent of cutting yourself on a knife, then blaming the knife. It has no logical sense, and to make a significant change, we must get to the root of the problem; kids who don’t feel interested in creativity


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