Drama ATL’s

So, as basically everyone who lives within a 10 kilometer radius of the school knows, ATL grades, as well as attainment grades, are coming out next week. Because of this, all teachers are asking us to reflect on some of our Drama ATLs. Fortunately, this is pretty easy for me, as I’m currently working on the piece of work that is my Drama project (the Cat in the Hat), so it’s pretty easy to rate my performance. I’ve set a goal for each learner profile, seen below:

Self-Management: Help others organise themselves, but being careful to not be patronising or overbearing (aiming to be achieved by the end of the month).

Collaboration: Try to be more open and supportive to others, encouraging growth and development (aiming to be achieved by the end of the unit).

Communication: Listen more attentively, as to respect other’s ideas more (aiming to be achieved by the end of the school year).

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