Christina Lau; To Defeat Disability

It was April of 2005 when Christina Lau, an officer in the Singapore Police Force, suffered a car accident on a rainy night and awoke in the hospital with serious damage to her spinal cord. She had lost movement of her legs and fingers, and was devastated to find that she, as an active individual, could not only no longer continue pursuing activities that had made her so happy previously (biking, jogging, etc.), but she also could no longer be an active officer in the police force. Emotionally devastated, Christina turned to her husband for help, and found herself in what she defined as a “very introverted, depressed state”. However, she found a way out of her shell of emotional decline when she discovered painting; more specifically, painting with her mouth. A great outlet for her to express herself in visual form, as well as to create fantastic artwork, despite her disability, Christina quickly became an expert painter, with many of her artworks showcased in various art galleries around Singapore. However, also didn’t let her disability keep her away from enjoying sport; she taught herself how to play Ping-Pong, and thoroughly enjoys the sport; even traveling overseas with her teammates to participate in tournaments.

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