If Mathematics Was A Sport, What Would It Be?

If Mathematics was a sport, I would say that it would be Marathon Running. Because, much like running a full, 42-KM marathon, Mathematics can be ruthless, punishing, and, on occasion, cruel, if you are forced to run the gauntlet unprepared. Much like a marathon, Mathematics is not something that can prepared for the night before exams; it requires constant, long-term practice and training to achieve the desired outcome. Also similarly to a marathon, during the exam, it is very possible that you will hit “The Wall”; a question or equation you simply forgot to study for, or otherwise lack the capabilities of solving. However, it is up to you to see if you will give up at “The Wall”, or persevere beyond it. Also similarly to a marathon, in mathematics, your better-prepared compadres will pass you on the race (exam), and there is little you can do to stop such. However, also similarly to a marathon, mathematics has the potential to delivering great satisfaction, especially in relation to the amount of time you have invested in practicing for it. This has been crucial to my maths experience this year, and has greatly expanded by appreciation of the subject. Even though mathematics can be difficult at times, it can also be a very rewarding experience, if you enter with the right mindset and commitment to learn.

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