Jakarta Street Kids: My Expectations for the Year (CAS Reflection 1)

Joining Jakarta Street Kids was not an easy choice to make; having been an active member of the Global ConcernĀ Gili Eco Trust in both Grade 9 and 10, part of me felt primed to jump right back into it, seeing as I had very much familiarised myself with all the GC’s goals, concerns, and aims. However, this familiarity was exactly what drove me to select Jakarta Street Kids as my Global Concern; I had been an active member in fundraising and maintenance for Gili, and I felt now was a good time to expand myself into a new area of GC that I hadn’t worked with before. Whilst Gili was very much an environmentally-oriented Global Concern, Jakarta Street Kids is very much humanitarian. This difference notwithstanding, I find that both services have some very interesting similarities; both sell products made from upcycled “junk” products, and both are involved in similar fundraisers (this week’s upcoming “Swimdonesia” event springs to mind, as well as other general service opportunities such as the Family Festival). My now-graduated brother, who was formerly a member of Jakarta Street Kids, may also be a reason I joined this GC; I wanted to try something new, but also familiar enough. From what I have experienced thus far, I expect a year of service not dissimilar to the one I did last year, but with a new leaning, and a new goal.

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