Philosophy Club: My Expectations for the Year (CAS Reflection 1)

LO 1: What previous experience have I had with an activity like this?

As a member of Philosophy Club for the previous two years, it was an obvious choice for me this year. Despite not registering for any of the three aspects of CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service), it is an activity that greatly interests me. Despite calling itself “Philosophy Club”, I am glad that it is not as elitist or stuffy as some aspects of philosophy; instead of focussing excessively on various schools of thought, it is much more akin to a constant discussion. A theme is established for the session, and we end up discussing it. There is no discrimination against new ideas, and even someone who has never studied philosophy, or participated in the conversation before, is welcome, and encouraged to, contribute an idea, no matter how big or small. I find it to be a great opportunity to relax at the start of the week, and just discuss and debate some interesting questions, that I usually would not have given much thought beyond of the class.

Overall, I would say that I am already significantly well-informed on Philosophy club, given my attendance in previous years, so I am not entering an unfamiliar or foreign environment; despite this, I still see Philosophy club as a welcome challenge in my everyday (weekly) life, as it gives me the adequate time to sit down and actually reflect and dive into questions that I would normally not have the time, or (at times) the motivation to contemplate. This, I feel, allows me to become a more holistically minded and open person, and I look forwards to the year to come for Philosophy Club.

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