Yearbook Committee: My Expectations for the Year (CAS Reflection 1)

LO 1: How has my involvement with this activity made me aware of my strengths and areas for growth?

This year, my sign-up to the Yearbook Committee was something of an accident; despite not signing up for it during the actual activity sign-up, I tagged along with a friend to one of the lunchtime sessions on Friday, seeing as I have a free block on the last block on Friday, and I was signed up as part of the marketing team. Thus far, it has been quite an enjoyable experience. Having read the yearbook and bought it every year, it is very interesting to be an active member in the long, complex process of actually making it. As member of the marketing team, it is my, along with the two other teammates I have, responsibility to draft emails, E-brief, and Google form. It has been interesting to draft these out, and collaborating with other teams has also been very enjoyable.

I am also intrigued to have been included into the marketing team, not only by circumstance (coming along with a friend who was part of the team), but also by my skills; certainly, I would say I am capable to managing, sending, and keeping track of emails. However, I have little to no experience with graphic design, so producing advertisements in future for the yearbook may be a challenge. Overall, though I am somewhat out-of-my-depth in terms of what I am supposed to do, and somewhat unsure as to what, precisely, my role within the Yearbook committee is, I am looking forwards to the next year within the group.

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