Boxing/Muay Thai (CAS Reflection 2)

LO7: Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Having now done four consecutive years of in-school boxing (from Grade 9 to Grade 12), I find myself more and more aware of the impacts that boxing has had on my life, both in school and out, and the consequences of taking it, both positive and negative, on my life. Boxing has, without a doubt, made me a more active, and fulfilled, person. I find that the constance of it (at 3:00-4:30 on Tuesday every day) helped me get into a routine that’s difficult to break (even if I am tired or don’t really feel like going to boxing at all). This is also not considering the friendships and acquaintances I have made within the activity, and the considerations towards others I have learned in the class. Though it may appear banal, things as small as using just the right amount of power, not too much or too little, when engaging in padwork with a partner, or making sure to put away boxing gloves so others are not inconvenienced, have been drilled into me; I am more considerate of others, in the ring and out, and more aware of the consequences my actions have on them.

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