“User Manual”- A DPERS task

What I value when working with others:

Honesty and transparency. I know I’m not perfect; nowhere near to it, in fact. If I’m doing something wrong or you don’t like the way I do something, I want you to tell me and I’ll attempt to change, as a form of self-improvement.

What I lose patience with when working with a partner:

Indecisiveness. Making decisions is a large portion of working, so making choices quickly and efficiently is, when working with me, a very important trait. While I do tend to closely analyse my choices, indecisiveness is quite infuriating, at times.

If my last collaborative learning experience had a soundtrack it would be:

This is one I’m really struggling with. My last real “collaborative” learning experience was the science fair, and it went pretty smoothly. I’ll see if I can find something else. If I do, I’ll update this for sure.

The #1 you can do to support me best when we work together is:

Be patient. I try to be as quick of a learner as possible, but sometimes I just don’t get something, and getting mad won’t help either.

When it comes to tech, I’m good at computer hardware, but I need to get better at working with software:

While I may be a slight bit tech-savvy, I’m at my best when working with hardware (In fact, I’m even saving up to build my own desktop PC). Software frustrates me, as it can crash and freeze without any warning. Hardware only damages when it’s your fault.

What people sometimes misunderstand about me when we are teamed up together:

People think I’m a smartass. When I do know things, I tend to get overconfident on my facts, and this can be irritating at times. Just remind me when I am becoming it.