Drama Practice with Artist in Residence (Shane)

The main themes of the workshop were time and space. To reflect these themes in our activities and work, we had to be very physical and evident in our choices, as it was difficult to be subtle in physical movement. To express Time, we had to focus attention on storytelling devices, such as Tempo (pace of the piece), repetition (expressing an idea through constant repeating of a single scene), and Duration (how long scenes and actions last to express an idea). For space, instead, we worked on Spatial Relationships (how the distance between actors and objects affects a play), Shape (how things are represented to signify a theme), etc. In an exercise, we had to display all these techniques, even though it was technically walking the space. We had to have control over ourselves and awareness of our surroundings (my peers) to generate the subtle suggestion of the theme that Shane told us to describe. We had to be suited to committing rapid changes in pace (e.g walking to running), listening to be more aware, and being able to react to changes in our activity. There are two spaces we can work in; Online (Flow, In the Zone, Present, Connected to the group, Generative, Right Brain) and Offline (Reflective, Analytical, Out of the Zone, Left Brain, and revision).