Learning Differences through The Student Voice

After participating in the Student Voice for half the year, I have decided to stop attending the sessions. Before I had joined Student Voice, I was ecstatic about joining especially since I have had a passion for journalism and thought that Student Voice would be a good way to increase my self-esteem. Joining the Studen Voice had never really crossed my mind until someone had told me that taking chances is logical as you never know what you may come across.

Student Voice in general I feel is really genuine, it is run by students which allows them to have a bond and requires them to work together. But the longer I stayed there, the group had lost its glimmer and shine. I started to feel as though the Student Voice was forcing the rest of the grade to become one and work together. We had decided to bring the grade together through a Breakfast during mentor time. This included classes bringing food like bread and jams or biscuits which most of the grade didn’t eat. During the next week, the whole grade was complaining about how horrible the idea was, which was when it struck me that it seemed as if the Student Voice was trying force the grade together by making them do activities they didn’t want to do.

From everyone else’s perspective, you could say, that the Student Voice seemed like a government controlling absolutely everything the grade did. I didn’t want to be a part of something that I felt was not doing what it was meant to do. Student Voice if meant to help the grade and fix any social issues but it seemed like it was doing more harm to the grade than any benefit.

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