LO5: More Service

One of the interesting things about COVID-19 has been the way we were arguably forced to collaborate more as a service. We tended to focus mostly on working in small groups with the elderly when we were able to go to the lodge. However, with COVID we tended to work more as a group on school related awareness projects. This meant that it was quite important to try and divide up work within the group to have it completed

LO4: Service

Perseverance is a strange word to use for CAS experiences. We aren’t applying to the Special Forces. Hardly anyone is going to be pushed to their physical limits by CAS. That being said… having local service on a Monday has not been entirely easy. I happen to have Math tuition on the same day and often have a somewhat large amount of work due (usually coursework) on the Monday as well meaning that I tend to be constantly sleep deprived. I usually tend to catch up on sleep shortly after school but with both service and tuition that was difficult. One thing I’ve learned then is just how to survive without as much sleep. I no longer fall asleep sitting up during Math tuition for instance…

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