Paper 1 Practice: “Real Life”

1)”This highlights the issue of perspective as it is implied not only that Wallace might not be as isolated as he perceives himself to be but that his friends too may also share his concerns of not belonging”

“The issue of perspective can also be seen here as this could be interpreted as Wallace’s perceptions on his surroundings being transformed or it could be seen as Taylor using the third person narrator to contradict Wallace’s own perceptions, thus, in both cases, implying a flaw in Wallace’s perspective regarding his own isolation.

“therefore suggesting that his struggle is as much against his perspective due to his own sense of insecurity as his actual isolation from others”

2) “Furthermore, the fact that it is Friday is emphasised by placing it on a standalone line…”

What to improve on: Find links to the key concepts where possible and include them in writing. Justify all claims made explicitly. Don’t assume it’s obvious

LO6: Mathematics in Application

One of the most interesting ideas that have emerged across the course of my time in Warhammer club is the applicability of Mathematics to a wide range of fields. In fact, the topic I wrote my Mathematics IA on was using Markov Chains to try and analyse dice rolls within the game. The interesting issue here though is how, over the course of researching for my IA, I came across many other scenarios in which Markov chains, and game theory in general, can be applied: warfare, dating, politics. There’s probably a global issue there somewhere in how Mathematics connects so many different areas together.

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