Kahaani 2018!

Kahaani was a very fun experience for me as it allowed me to meet new people!

Furthermore, I enjoy dancing as I have participated in Culturama for the past two years. This was a chance for me to learn something different as I have never done indian dancing.

The highlight of my experience was: the very short lessons which made it easy to concentrate and it didn’t take too much of my time. Some challenges were that.

Some Challenges and how to overcome them

Today in service I faced a challenge.

I was playing with a man in my service but he wasn’t very responsive. He wanted to stay on his own, in his corner. So, I tried and make him a feel involved but it was challenging as it did not seem like he was enjoying it. He then started hitting himself with the racket (not very hard but still hard enough for me to call someone). Even though he was ok, I could not stop telling myself that it was my fault so I had a bit of trouble getting back into the game and was more cautious when playing with the others.

This experience taught me to be more careful when approaching them and maybe have a little more patience. If they do not feel like playing then I should let them be and try again later 🙂


Initial EE reflection 1

What did I do?

First, I searched up some sample EEs on Theatre to have an idea on what it would look like. I realized that it was mostly research done on internet and about 20% past experiences of themselves or other actors. Furthermore, I talked to some grade 12 who have done EE’s last year on theatre and asked them how they came about doing it. They said that they had one research doc where they would COPY PASTE all ideas they found with the link so that they knew that on the real doc they will have to change the sentences. It also made it easier for them when they wrote the bibliography at the end.

How did I undertake my research?

I started by searching why my subject was important. Then, I searched up many different stories about how different people have become a character even off stage to be fully committed to it and improve the acting. Then, I created myself a doc called: interesting anecdotes and copy pasted everything I could find on that subject.

What were the problems I faced?

Some problems I faced is that there are so many different ways you can come about method acting and therefore, I had to make a choice on the examples I wanted to choose. I just chose the ones that appealed to me the most and that I wanted to know more about.

What have been the high and low points of my research and writing process thus far?

Yes, sometimes I have trouble finding different information as on the website they start getting a little repetitive. So, I changed my technique and started talking to people who have experienced it first hand to get more perspectives.