Viva Voce

During the final reflection, my supervisor and I talked about the overall impact the EE had on me. The question that stood out to me the most was: how do you think this EE will be useful to you in the future? I believe that this essay gave me valuable theatre tools to continue the HL theatre curriculum, and will come in handy when I will  write my solo report. Even though it is  not developed in the essay, I had to research plenty of practitioners before choosing Stanislavsky and Diderot. Lastly, the EE taught me how much research has to go into writing 4000 words. This is something that took perseverance but I never thought I would enjoy the process as much as I did.

EE – reflection after meeting

Was my research successful?

Yes my research was successful. I have no primary research but I have secondary research. Nevertheless, some of the information I found weren’t related to the research question and therefore, I have to cut down or rephrase some of my paragraphs to link it back to the practitioner.

What did I learn from the experience in terms of my understanding of the subject area and/or the skills needed to undertake research?

I deepened my understanding about the different techniques to approach acting. This was interesting as it helped me build a more reliable/helpful acting technique for myself. Furthermore, learning about all the different theatre practitioners helped me with Theatre in IB.

If I changed my approach or strategies during the process, why did I do this?

Throughout the task, I had trouble keeping all my information organised because the more I read, the more information I wanted to add. Therefore, I decided to work on the topic I set myself to do and copy the link or text of the other information in a separate doc. I came back to it around the end and realised most of it was not linked to my EE question.