Pre season touch

For the first season, I decided to sign up for pre season touch. It was interesting because I have played touch at school before and I was in the C team. I was a little discouraged at first as in the french school, I was in B. The fact that I got into a lower team made me rethink if touch was really for me as I did not have the right mindset.

Today, I am in a Woman’s A team outside of school called Legiste and we play tournaments every saturday. They are all very good and some of them are even touch coaches which gave me another challenge: learn how to be the worst in your team and how to improve to get to their level.  This is why I decided to join pre season: even though I feel I am not playing at my level, I can still improve and learn from my and other’s mistake. I was sometimes asked to teach the new girls some skills which helped me develop in that particular movement as they were all asking interesting questions.

Joining pre season helped me improve not only on my touch skills but also on my collaboration skills. Being able to play in different teams takes some practice as each teammate are different and the moves don’t have the same names. It then helped me to fit and change my game in different environments.

To be perfectly honest, I am still not 100% committed to play in a school team as it bothers me not to be in A. I think I need to lower my ego as my level is not as good as I think.

To conclude, pre season touch helped me fit into new environments and learn how to play with differently skilled teams.It also helped me overcome the fact that you do not always have o be the best in every sport. You just have to play at YOUR best! #deep