From my first reflection of boxing, my goal was to be familiar with the basics of punches and blocks. Having gone to a few classes, I have learned the basics but I’m yet to master it. This new skill I’m trying to work on it not easy as it requires a lot of training not only in terms of boxing but general fitness programs such as warrior fit, which I am doing in evolve. Warrior fit is training with a mixture of weights and cardio, similar to HIT. With these two classes, I am to pushed to my limit, wherein one of the warrior fit classes, I got really dizzy and felt like puking but I knew I had goals to complete. In the process of learning these new skills, numerous challenges were to be faced, not only in terms of physical strain but mental strain too, where the mind has to be trained to keep you strong and awake while training. It was very challenging at first but as you I got used to the intensity, the dizziness from every training reduced and I felt more focused. This link to the learning outcome 2.

Moreover, in the classes in evolve, the trainings are conducted in groups, allowing us to work together and learn from each other. I recognised the importance from working in a group when I couldn’t quite get the technique but the partner I was sparring with had been training for two years and he showed me his technique which was easier to adopt. With people around me, it was easier for me to learn the skills as they were constantly helping, and not everyone had the same skill level, which didn’t make feel like a nobody. Thus, through this experience, I’ve learned the importance of working collaboratively.

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