In the beginning, there was a problem interconnecting the two subjects such that it focused solely on the question. However, with the help of my adviser, and the information gained through the interviews, a structure was able to be formulated through which the depth of both the subjects related to each other and the question. The interviews were very open-ended and it allowed me to obtain a more professional perspective, helping my conclusion reach a level of certainty. Moreover, cutting 1000+ words was a difficult task but it made me focus on the main points removing unnecessary information which will be a useful skill in the future. Although my essay was more dependent on the primary sources, secondary sources were important to justify the conclusion reached. However, due to the competition in the markets, some information will be left out, limiting the data collection. For China’s involvement in the aviation industry, there were many articles from Chinese sources making them biased towards China. This essay has enhanced my interest in the aviation industry while also raising doubts about the labor-market: the eradication of certain skill-sets due to technology can lead to job losses while opening up opportunities for the next generation.

Final Reflection (RC3)

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  • November 15, 2019 at 10:44 am

    It was a pleasure working with you Pramesh and seeing your growth through the process. You have produced an insightful essay and have been very proactive and independent in your research. I know this has fuelled your passion for your engineering degree even more. Bravo.


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