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To start thinking about which CAS activities and services would be best suited for me, here is a breakdown of ‘me’.

My skills and strengths would definitely lean more towards the arts. Writing, drawing and visual arts, reading, photography and film directing and making are my strongest skills which open up a wide range of possible activities I could become a part of. My strengths, or at least what I think my strengths are, are being an effective communicator, teaching and helping people learn (certain things, definitely not in the maths and science department), being compassionate and caring, organised and inquisitive, a good listener and open-minded.

Outside of school, my interests would be reading, photography, short film-making, Netflixing (if that counts), and Muay Thai Boxing. In terms of service and my passions, working with and improving the lives of the less privileged is very important to me. I most strongly believe in gender equality and empowering females, young girls in particular. I would say I’m a feminist, but a low-key high-key one, and would really thrive working in a service which inspires and aids girls in countries where their basic human rights have been stripped from them and where they are not allowed education or freedom. I would also enjoy working with any clubs involved with human rights as I have been a member of Amnesty International for the past 4 years and have become very passionate about the issue.

My goals which I would aim to achieve throughout the year and through CAS would be to be more mindful, particularly about the lives of people around me and those less fortunate. I want to be more aware of global concerns and world events. To improve my skills I want to dedicate more time to art and practicing different styles so I can better myself in the subject, and I would also like to work on my public speaking as when confronted by a large audience I turn into a mumbling idiot.

CAS activities which I feel would appeal most to me are ones which work with special needs children, and those who want to do art and learn to read, and working with young girls. Journalistic clubs like Yearbook and Humans of UWCSEA interest me because I enjoy writing and photography and working directly with people. Photography and digital art clubs for example HS Artist in Residence would be beneficial to me as it would help my art IB.

Let’s see how it goes.

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9 thoughts on “My CAS Personal Profile

  1. Hi Tia, thanks so much for this post! You’ve clearly thought hard about what your strengths, skills, and areas of development might be. You are clearly passionate about gender equality. Have you considered the Because I’m a Girl group? You mention a few strengths and I’d like to unpack some of those a bit more. You say you are inquisitive. What does that look like in day to day life and why is it important? You also seem to enjoy helping people learn. How do you do this?

    An area for development that you mention is becoming more aware of world events. How might you use you CAS experience to work on this?

    1. I considered the Because I’m A Girl group at first but Daraja is the one I signed up for because my impression of it is that it takes more action and is more actively involved with the issue rather than just hosting discussions. I would really like to make a real difference as well as have conversations about the matter. As for being inquisitive, I think I say that because I tend to question everything. I may not always voice it out loud but the way I think is very similar to the way of thinking and thought process encouraged by the Theory of Knowledge course.

      1. Hi Tia,

        So it seems that you really enjoy taking action. What makes this type of process more meaningful to you than hosting discussions? What might the merits of each method?

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply, the journey of your learning really does begin here!

  2. Hi Tia, you have clearly put a lot of thought into your CAS and have analysed all the aspects you need in order to decide what you should take for you activities. I think that you have a huge variety of activities to choose from and you will excel at the ones you choose. You are clearly passionate about helping others as well as arts. Given your interest in films, have you thought about doing any activity that includes filming or taking videos? How do you think CAS will affect you over the next 2 years?

    1. Hi Abheeshu,
      Thanks! I am interested in photography as well as film and so have signed up for HS Digital Photo Arts (or something along those lines) and hope to develop my passion and skill in that area. As for your second question, I hope that CAS will allow me to become a more all-rounded person and that I will become more aware of the world around me and be more grateful for the privileges I have whilst helping those who are not as fortunate.

  3. Hi Tia! I really like the way you consider the factors influence you to make your CAS choices. In your post you said that “my goals which I would aim to achieve throughout the year and through CAS would be to be more mindful, particularly about the lives of people around me and those less fortunate”. So which particular CAS activity are you gonna join in order to make the world a better place? What benefits will you bring for those less fortunate people by joining these events?

    1. I have joined a GC to address this particular goal of mine, as my GC is based in Kenya which is a region that I have never really given much consideration towards, sadly. Joining this GC gives me the platform I need to be able to help all the girls at Daraja Academy by participating in events that raise funds for their school equipment and educational resources such as libraries. A benefit I hope to bring to the girls there over the course of my time in this GC is to empower them and make them feel more confident and supported in their school careers by communicating with them and showing them that their efforts and actions are being noticed and boosted by talking to them and hearing their stories and making those stories heard, this being done by a blog/pen pal system to be put in place soon. Thank you for your comment!!

  4. I like how you have thought about your skills and passions and linked them into your activity choices. How do you think you can improve your public speaking by doing CAS?

    1. Joining a new school means being in clubs with people I barely know, if at all. Taking leadership positions combined with my natural *need* to take part in discussions and voice my opinions means that I will essentially have no choice but to public speak. I think that doing CAS can improve it as I have taken part in activities that interest me and so this already gives me the confidence I need when talking to people on a certain subject, and the consistency of the sessions means I will constantly have opportunities to improve my public speaking skills.

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