Initiative – Healthserve Migrant Workers

Healthserve Migrant Workers is the service I chose for my CAS. Having had a rough journey last year, the service had been completely re-designed this year, and all the planning has been left entirely up to us. The students. An exciting opportunity, but much easier said than done. Coordinating with and organising, even getting to simply listen in one place at one time, a group of 17 teenagers is no simple feat. The teacher supervisors were present almost as referees, or as ‘design briefs’. They’d tell you what had to be done, a vague outline of how to do it, but leave everything else to our imagination, stepping in to tell us to shut up, sit down or both on occasion. Starting a service essentially completely from scratch and building it from the ground up I knew would be rather demanding and would require a certain amount of dedication and discipline. Leadership has never been my strong suit, so I knew this would be a challenge for me. Nevertheless I (somewhat foolishly) volunteered to be, and was elected as, the Communications head and Community Liaison for our Healthserve group. So myself along with the elected Co-Chairs and Logistics heads had to come together and begin planning how we wanted this service to go, and what we aimed to achieve. Needless to say, this required large amounts of initiative on our part. Along with our student group, granted with guidance from our teachers, brainstormed questions and possible plans to ask the director of Healthserve about how we as a service group could work with and benefit the Migrant brothers and the extent of which we could get involved. I realised that we had to be a lot more mindful of our environment, and theirs, when coming up with plans than I originally thought. So many factors out of our control came into play that it required a lot of personal commitment to ensure we were as respectful to our communities as possible. Using skills such as communication, respect, leadership, open-mindedness and kindness allowed me, and us, to formulate a ‘game plan’ of sorts for the months to come, and though ideas are kind of still all over the place, I am proud of the initiative I showed and contributed to this experience.

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