New Creativity: Digital Arts Club

It’s now come to Season 3 of CAS choices, and I selected Digital Arts Club from the choices given. This to me is a really important choice as it will teach me new skills using computers and technology to create art that I have previously had limited experience with. All I know are Photoshop basics, which I would love to explore. This creativity will be vital for when I come to creating pieces for my university application portfolio which encourages displaying a range of skills using a myriad of media, and since technology is becoming more and more implemented in the art world, being skilled in this area would be a big advantage. It can also contribute towards me creating work for my IB Visual Arts subject. Not only will digital art help with my portfolio, it is a type of art that can become a hobby and is in high demand now, especially as I wish to go into graphic design and a large portion of work is computer-based. This applies to Learning Objective 2 because it’ll be a newly acquired skill. Some goals I wish to set for this creativity club are to be more open-minded in what I create and learn, because I know I have the tendency (in art) to draw/paint/create what I know, and what I like, but these sessions will provide me the opportunity to branch out and perhaps discover a new style of art which I really love.

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