First Media Coordinator Post: Project Week

Two things that I want you guys in my group to keep in mind when taking photos or videos during our trip to Gili. 

  1. Avoid clichés. We don’t need airplane wing photos, boring ocean landscape shots or close ups of us in the reflection of our sunglasses. We need to take photos with a message and a meaning to make sure all our shots are worthwhile.
  2. Be respectful! Ask people before taking their photos, always. Obviously since we are diving our job becomes easier, but for the locals on the island, make sure they’re okay with us photographing them before just going at it. (This applies for us too, thanks)

Other things we all need to be mindful of:

  1. We need to establish a way to organise all our media. I’ll create a joint folder which we can all access but how are we gonna categorise our footage – day, person who took it, subject area?
  2. Going overboard with media is super easy to do. At the end of each day, since we will have some downtime after our diving and service, we should take time to look over our photos from the day and select the best ones to keep, so it’ll make my job at the end easier when creating the video and documenting our trip in photos.
  3. I want our video to mean something, to have a purpose or outcome that teaches people a thing or two about Gili, our GC or our trip instead of a typical Youtube vlog video with happy ukulele background music. That’s just… no.
  4. Before our trip we can decide on a theme or outcome which we can kind of base our footage around, or we can do two separate videos. One for us, documenting our memories, and one ‘school’ one. Up to us.
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