Fresh Start: Muay Thai @ The Jungle

I’ve recently joined a new Muay Thai fitness gym, The Jungle at Boat Quay. I wanted a change in gym because my old one was not suited to the type of individual attention and class-style I was looking for in order to build on my previous CAS experience. The new gym is more modern and approaches the discipline with a more motivational and encouraging mindset, which is important for me for a sport that can easily become gruelling. An area that has never been my strength has been commitment and perseverance in physical activities – and switching of gyms may prove that – but I do believe that through this new training style and program I will flourish and I have already started to demonstrate discipline by going once a week for my sessions. It has taught me that I should focus on things that I love, understand what works well best suited to my needs, and continue on those paths instead of always try mould myself into things that feel unnatural. Its definitely an area for personal growth though, and I am excited to see how this pans out. A challenge that this new gym does present is making me push myself harder than before because the other people in my class are much more fit and much more experienced, thus incentivising me to match their stamina and not show signs of weakness and tap out as fast as I normally would have. However, I am slowly learning to enjoy it and the rewards, I’m sure, will be well worth the pain!

The Jungle – quick intro video to the ‘vibe’ of the gym

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