Exam Reflection

Grade 11 Mock Exam week has finished and the results are rolling in…

Actually not as disappointed in the outcome as I’d prepared to be! To be fair, I had revised more for these mocks than any other exams I’d ever taken, due to their massive importance on our OAGs and university applications, and dedicated a lot of time and effort towards the subjects I knew I could grab that 7 in. Here’s the breakdown:

HL Business and Management: 7

HL English A Language and Literature: 6

HL Visual Arts: 6/7 (Really N/A)

SL Design and Technology: 7

SL Spanish B: 6

SL Mathematical Studies: 5

TOK Practice Essay: 8/10

Overall, I think that it is clear that I prioritised some of my subjects over others (Business and DT) but I’m glad I did, for those were the hardest ones. I find myself struggling with staying motivated when it comes to studying in maths and this is clearly reflected in my poor score. To improve this I will start math tuition as I doubt I have the discipline to stick to a studying regime for my least favourite subject. Art is a special case with grades because the exam has no effect on our final grade whatsoever. It wasn’t a culmination of our previous learning or anything, merely a quick assessment for our teacher to see our progress as a whole. I got an assessed 6 but after a conversation with my teacher it was pointed out to me that this was only a fraction of what made up our grade and realistically, I’m at a 7. This helped my confidence a lot and has motivated me because now I know my dreams of getting into an art school and pursuing visual studies/design in my future is realistic and will hopefully be fruitful.

For future exams, I think the strategies and revision techniques I used for these ones were useful and so would use them again, however for subjects I know I dislike and potentially will be weaker in (Maths, Spanish) I will start revising ages before, get a tutor and meet my class teacher for practices beforehand.



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