Photos from Service

Below are two photos at different moments during my Local Service, Migrant Workers Centre.

The first one depicts our group presenting a pitch to Mr. Rick Hannah regarding the idea of a photo exhibition set up at school displaying photos taken by migrant workers  working in the UWCSEA community themselves. The objective of this project is to create awareness and appreciation for the staff who work unnoticed, long hours everyday to make our school experience as smooth as possible and keep our campus safe, beautiful and functional. Our hopeful outcome from this exhibition (scheduled for September of the following academic year) is for students, teachers and parents alike to treat the workers in school with more respect. It is primarily a celebration of their lives in the hopes to create a stronger sense of community with a group that is so often overlooked and marginalised especially in Singaporean society.

The second photo is one of us after school going to Lucky Plaza where HOME has their headquarters, an organization working with migrant and domestic help workers by supporting them emotionally, physically, legally and financially. This partnership and meeting/open house with them was where we originally found inspiration for our project which we adapted to make it more ‘closer to home’, so to speak.

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