Extended Essay Viva Voce – Final Reflection

The EE process was challenging yet ultimately rewarding as an experience, because it taught me perseverance as a skill but most importantly reminded me why I loved and want to pursue the Arts in my future. I have improved my communication and improved my research skills as I wanted to explore my topic from different global perspectives. One challenged I faced with my EE was using an objective approach in order to maintain a cohesive structure and develop an argument, instead of subjective musings, and I did so by incorporating real life manifestations of my topic, applying IB Visual Arts course analysis in a different context and evaluating critical reviews. The outcome was furthering my appreciation for the role of art in society and the nuances behind the often under-appreciated medium, but also prompt me to question the value placed on commercialisation and authenticity in art, from which I believe I have grown both as a global citizen but an IB student.

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