Kahaani 2019

Kahaani 2019 was the second, and last, time I took part in the Indian dance show. Created by a school GC, the event aimed to raise funds and awareness for disabled girls in India, and thus merely being involved was an honor as I got to engage with an issue of global importance which also felt personal to me, being Indian myself. Through countless and repetitive practices both in and out of school, my dance leaders and close friends managed to pull together and choreograph an energetic Bollywood dance. Not being a dancer made this experience slightly challenging for me, in finding rhythm and remembering steps while staying positive and persevering through the process. It encouraged me to be social and collaborative with people I had previously never spoken to, and form new friendships along the way. It made me realize how often I limit myself and the activities I do just because I am afraid or too nervous to be around people I don’t know, which is a barrier I have slowly overcome through CAS. Working and dancing with people I wasn’t familiar with forced me to be more extroverted than I usually am and push myself to be less shy, and ultimately less self conscious. The result was our dance group became a cohesive and fun bunch of people who I hope made not only our dance leaders and ourselves proud, but the GC we were representing too.

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