Kahaani 2019

Kahaani 2019 was the second, and last, time I took part in the Indian dance show. Created by a school GC, the event aimed to raise funds and awareness for disabled girls in India, and thus merely being involved was an honor as I got to engage with an issue of global importance which also felt personal to me, being[…]

Extended Essay Viva Voce – Final Reflection

The EE process was challenging yet ultimately rewarding as an experience, because it taught me perseverance as a skill but most importantly reminded me why I loved and want to pursue the Arts in my future. I have improved my communication and improved my research skills as I wanted to explore my topic from different global perspectives. One challenged I[…]

Healthy Habits for Girls

I used to hate the gym. Really despise it. I’ve always been too self-conscious and nervous to be in an environment where everyone was fitter and more experienced than me. I knew that my fitness wasn’t at its peak anymore since I stopped playing basketball, football and boxing regularly, so I knew it was time for a change. Motivated by[…]

RC2 – Extended Essay

My research for my EE so far has been very thorough and includes a range of sources and perspectives, which allow my analysis to be more nuanced as I am drawing comparisons between different art movements and commercialisation. My supervisor suggested I structure some of my essay like an IB Visual Arts Comparative Study in order to focus more on[…]

Exam Reflection

Grade 11 Mock Exam week has finished and the results are rolling in… Actually not as disappointed in the outcome as I’d prepared to be! To be fair, I had revised more for these mocks than any other exams I’d ever taken, due to their massive importance on our OAGs and university applications, and dedicated a lot of time and[…]

Photos from Service

Below are two photos at different moments during my Local Service, Migrant Workers Centre. The first one depicts our group presenting a pitch to Mr. Rick Hannah regarding the idea of a photo exhibition set up at school displaying photos taken by migrant workersĀ  working in the UWCSEA community themselves. The objective of this project is to create awareness and[…]

Digital Arts

Examples of some work I have created in my Digital Arts Creativity for CAS. These are two examples of Photoshop drawn artworks. I am fairly inexperienced with Photoshop and thus joined this creativity to learn new skills which I think will be extremely useful for me to use when creating artwork for my University Application Portfolio for the Art schools[…]

EE Initial Reflection

I am proud of the fact that I know my topic is one which I am extremely passionate about, which ensures that I will remain motivated throughout the writing process. I’m also pleased with primary research I’m doing, and talking to my supervisor Mr. Hickey has been really helpful in this process from the very beginning. I’ve learned that it’s[…]

Media Coordinator

Today we sorted out our storing methods for our media, and to control our photos and footage and keep it easily accessible I created a Google Drive folder in which I shared my PW group, organised folders by day and by media type. We discussed mentor text types to model our media after so that everyone in the group has[…]