Extended Essay Viva Voce – Final Reflection

The EE process was challenging yet ultimately rewarding as an experience, because it taught me perseverance as a skill but most importantly reminded me why I loved and want to pursue the Arts in my future. I have improved my communication and improved my research skills as I wanted to explore my topic from different global perspectives. One challenged I[…]

Exam Reflection

Grade 11 Mock Exam week has finished and the results are rolling in… Actually not as disappointed in the outcome as I’d prepared to be! To be fair, I had revised more for these mocks than any other exams I’d ever taken, due to their massive importance on our OAGs and university applications, and dedicated a lot of time and[…]

EE Initial Reflection

I am proud of the fact that I know my topic is one which I am extremely passionate about, which ensures that I will remain motivated throughout the writing process. I’m also pleased with primary research I’m doing, and talking to my supervisor Mr. Hickey has been really helpful in this process from the very beginning. I’ve learned that it’s[…]