Empowerment – Daraja Academy GC

I’ve always been a feminist. Many people in today‚Äôs society view feminism as either a one-sided issue or as a movement that has become completely irrelevant. But feminism, a movement for equality between men and women, is a movement still very much alive. It is important to advocate for feminism because the stigma that surrounds it is enough to prove[…]

Initiative – Healthserve Migrant Workers

Healthserve Migrant Workers is the service I chose for my CAS. Having had a rough journey last year, the service had been completely re-designed this year, and all the planning has been left entirely up to us. The students. An exciting opportunity, but much easier said than done. Coordinating with and organising, even getting to simply listen in one place[…]

Muay Thai – more than merely self defense

Living in Thailand offered me such a range of opportunities and means in which I could interact with the country’s rich culture and traditions. I had been looking for a sport I could really master, as I had wanted to improve my fitness and generally become less of an unproductive waste of space, so I began exploring my options. Basketball[…]

This is how I see CAS in Week 1

CAS to me is a unique opportunity for us as students to become a more integral part of various communities, whether it be that of the College, Singapore or numerous other countries around the globe. It is a program which allows us to grow and improve by challenging ourselves every day, a program where we can hone our skills, and[…]