What is life-science reflection

To my future self:

Science is difficult and hard to understand for you, I know you hate science because you can’t understand it. Also you need lots of time to learn science in English, so I hope you will be better than now:

  • Don’t give up ,always believe yourself that you can improve the science skills.
  • When you get a bad score, work harder and harder, you should feel sorry for your self and keep going.
  • Learn more English, it will help you a l0t for understanding the questions.
  • Think deeper about the questions, science questions are always insidious,you need pay attention to the science trap.
  • Always ask for help for the topics that you don’t understand, don’t be shy or feel embarrassed to ask questions to teachers or your classmates, they are all very friendly and nice.

I want to share with you what do I feel about science now:

Yes,I am super confused about science, after some assessments, I got bad scores for them, and this has blown my confidence a lot.  I really want to change this situation.

If there are difficult questions, keep calm and think more, maybe I have learned it before or I know how to explain it. Don’t give up.


Nature about Bintan


What did you learn about “learning in Bintan” by interviewing different stakeholders using different compass perspectives?

-I learnt about the traditional culture , what environment the local people live, the nature environment protection system.

I interviewed the local people there, because of that,I learnt about the living conditions, the help with developing from the government, the food, the geographic location, and some changes are different from past.For example, the local people could not catch little and young fish anymore because government, and they

needed to let the fish grow up , also it was a way to protect the environment. I learnt much about sea live, such as dugong and shake. Also I knew about they were trying to protect the environment by protect the sea grass and the mangrove. We also played with the children there.

Why was it important to go through this process?

-Because it is a way for us to learn more things, there are many different parts of knowledge that we don’t know yet, so we need to learn them slowly. If we go to the real place to learn new things, then we can truly feel the situations in that places and can truly see people’s living conditions, can feel the realistically there. We can also interview the people by our own but not to hear from other people, we can have the information more clearly , deeply and correctly.

When presenting your compass perspective what did you do well? What could you improve?

-We collected many useful information from the interview to the local people, and we  extracted the most important part and wrote them in to one correct paragraph.Also we drew some data which represented the situation of sea live, mangrove, fishing, and trash.

But we didn’t present clearly and give more details about each parts.So next time we can improve with the talking skills–present clearly, talk more about the details ,don’t be shy in front of the camera.


Social Wedia Video Project

Our Digital Perspectives is to make a video about Social Wedia ,my partner and I were working on the video for few weeks, and here is our specific concept of making the video.


After we finished the filming, we worked on making some connections between each small passages of the film.I made more than 1 minute video about electronics, and here are some screenshots about how I made the film.

Here is the film.

And here is the final video:Girl and electronics.

Video reflection:

  1. The most important thing I need to work on to improve my film during next lesson is recording clips clearly.
  2. My final film is meant to be 2-3 minutes, so I need add more clips and give more information to have enough time.
  3. Of my FIVE statements about social media, the one that is the trickiest to communicate in the video is”Long time usage of electronic device could affect our organs seriously.”I need to talk much about how we can protect our healthy by ourselves, and it is very important to tell people how bad electronics can do to us body.

Self management:

I used enough time to do the movie, filmed the movie by myself and added background music audio, everything was done by myself.But because it was the first time I got touch with making a movie so there still had a lot of places that not good enough.I need to improve the skills about recording movie clips, because I was recording for the whole time and sometimes I will miss some parts, and sometimes the clips could not tell people what we are going to talk about clearly, we need to write down many words or make some audios to explain what topic it is and what it’s talking about.


Worked with my partner,  she worked hard and she was the actress in my movie, we worked together and shared the same movie clip, but at the end, the result was different because we made in different ways and we had different ideas about how to make the movie.Maybe next time we can improve the communication part, because we only do work but almost have no conversation.


As I said before, my partner and I almost have no conversation, it is the biggest problem for me to improve, I’m really bad at having a conversation with others, so this is the part I need to improve. If we have more communication maybe we can finish the video faster and have higher quality.


Our topic is about teenagers with eletronics,and some suggestions for the teenagers about how to


  • The most important thing I need to work on to improve my film during next lesson is the edit skill development.
  • My final film is meant to be 2-3 minutes, this means I need to cut a bit of it.
  • Of my FIVE statements about social media, the one that is the trickiest to communicate in the video is to zoom the video separately I say this because is hard for me to avoid that.