Nature about Bintan


What did you learn about “learning in Bintan” by interviewing different stakeholders using different compass perspectives?

-I learnt about the traditional culture , what environment the local people live, the nature environment protection system.

I interviewed the local people there, because of that,I learnt about the living conditions, the help with developing from the government, the food, the geographic location, and some changes are different from past.For example, the local people could not catch little and young fish anymore because government, and they

needed to let the fish grow up , also it was a way to protect the environment. I learnt much about sea live, such as dugong and shake. Also I knew about they were trying to protect the environment by protect the sea grass and the mangrove. We also played with the children there.

Why was it important to go through this process?

-Because it is a way for us to learn more things, there are many different parts of knowledge that we don’t know yet, so we need to learn them slowly. If we go to the real place to learn new things, then we can truly feel the situations in that places and can truly see people’s living conditions, can feel the realistically there. We can also interview the people by our own but not to hear from other people, we can have the information more clearly , deeply and correctly.

When presenting your compass perspective what did you do well? What could you improve?

-We collected many useful information from the interview to the local people, and we  extracted the most important part and wrote them in to one correct paragraph.Also we drew some data which represented the situation of sea live, mangrove, fishing, and trash.

But we didn’t present clearly and give more details about each parts.So next time we can improve with the talking skills–present clearly, talk more about the details ,don’t be shy in front of the camera.


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