SWOT analysis

This time we went to Bintan Island. The main task of our group was to teach the students there,  let them know the importance of protecting the environment , how to protect the environment, and improve their English vocabulary during the class. We focus on sea surface pollution, for example, oil and plastic bags floating on the ocean. We created a fairy tale book by using the protection of the dugong as an example, telling the story of the little boy Ishraq and the dugong, and using this story to caused students to think.
We have prepared a few games: mapping game, matching games, reading fairy tales, letting them create characters to demonstrate how to protect the environment,  whiteboard games (students line up, write down ideas on the whiteboard to protect the environment), end this lesson with the discussion.

After the class, the Island foundation gave us some opportunities that can help us develop our class in a better way: we can improve our dugong activities-develop into system mapping with “WHY?”,the reflection game part can be developed, we can change the group students, tourism can be debated into higher thinking, and we can bring more information to our fairytale story book, lead students to the whole world and give them time to have discussion.

On the Thursday morning, one of the Island Foundation members told us to change the “environment” topic into “food”, for example: What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?  We even made a simple song for the different food, and turned the dugong matching game into food matching game.

We did quite good this time, all content was connected to a local environmental issue and traditional culture, most activities develop 21st-century critical thinking and collaboration skills as well as students confidence, we had discussion time for each students and they all had chances to show what they have learnt from that lesson.I learnt a lot from this experience, team-work played a important role in this project, we all have individual work to do and the division of labor is very clear and detailed, our team members worked hard and patient. Through this experience, I have learned a lot about the importance of protecting the environment from our “environmental protection” theme. Although we are teaching the lectures to children, I have learned a lot from them. If I find some social problems in the future, I will know how to find solutions or mitigation methods, such as: go to a professional organization, interview them and make notes, learn from their words and develop my own thoughts. I will interview people who has relation with the social issues, do social survey visits, and get relevant information to better understand the reasons for these problems.


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