Show notes

For the challenge choosing, we chose “Every day send one 2-3 minute voice recording to a friend/family member who lives outside of Singapore” from the Challenge lists.Base on this, me and my partner had a buddy conversation to get to know each other and learn more details that can help us work better together.To finish the challenge, here is our Planner for helping us to put our audios everyday.Before the task, I read a show notes from others, and you can see the details of my understanding from Doris’s reflection.For introducing the challenge better, me and my partner Gwenda did two Intro and Outro music.

After the Challenge week, we need to relate the challenge with 4 threads:

Here are the 4 threads we have answered:

  • How did your challenge remind you of the 16 things to stop doing? Which one in particular and why?
  • How did your experience with the challenge confirm or reject any of the findings here?
  • Would you recommend this challenge to others, why or why not?
  • Do you control your technology or does your technology control you?

Here is the Final Podcast, it can show you the final product.

Thank you for your reading 😛 

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