Reflection of sustainable life

After the client interview, we knew that our client——Ms. Jones is already a sustainable person, but she still got some problems about food waste management and fly travel, and we need to search more useful information to help her cause this can make a big difference to the ecological footprint.

Our client and her family loves travel so they travel a lot during the vacation, and she likes to drink coffee but can’t finish it almost every time, and if the salad is not fresh she would waste them.So we focus on the two parts and we are going to give her some suggestions about how to fly sustainable, how to store food in the fridge to keep salad fresh and how to recycle coffee grounds.After we done searching, we will be thinking about how to give the methods clearly to our client so it can be effective.


One thought on “Reflection of sustainable life

  1. I like the way you really listened to your client to ensure that the suggestions you made were realistic for her. I wonder how you decided to focus on air travel and food waste?

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