Personal statement

In my childhood, I dreamed that I will be a designer who can design the most beautiful pink dress in the world so I can put on the dress and walk around to show people that I got talent for it.Through the years, I have grown up, but I still have a designer dream, I don’t know I have it because of my childhood or my reality thinking, but I know if I am going to reach it, I need to spend enough energy and time in art, and I need to let my time become worth it.

When I was studying in junior high school, one of my classmates told me to go to a sketch class, cause if we improve the sketch skills and pass the A-Level of drawing exam, we will get 6 more scores when we have the middle school entrance examination.When I started to learn sketching, I had an impure thought about it, but when I really learned something, I was deeply attracted by it.I believe to help myself achieve the design goal, I need to improve my basic drawing skill and my self-management, also my creativity.Because of an essay, I find that I still can’t understand some art work deeply, I guess it’s because I can’t get the emotion of the artist so I also need to learn about the history of art.

My dream is not going to be design a beautiful pink dress(probability it will become one of the creative thought) but it’s the starting point that let me have the dream and work on it.I am doing well through the term and I am still being enthusiastic about art.


Thank you for reading.

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