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East Karate offers students the opportunity to study the Japanese martial art of Kyokushin Karate. Martial arts train the body, mind and spirit and are beneficial to anyone of any age. Established at East in 2010, East Karate is run in conjunction with the Singapore Budokan Karate-Do Kyuokushinkaikan Club whose instructors run training alongside Shehan Chua, 6th Dan. More information about the club is at Gradings take place twice a year, or three times if the students attend the outside club training which they are free to do; however, Karate is a journey, not a destination, and we aim to develop martial artists for life at East Karate. 


“ANIMATE – Light painting – animation – performance” ANIMATE is an experimental light painting and animation group activity whose main aim is to perform live using an iPad and Tagtool app to illustrate and animate in real-time, using buildings or stages as a canvas, exploring ephemeral art in motion. Rimiyoho example The ANIMATE group will ultimately collaborate with the music department spreading light and colour to musical performances. 

Service-Music for All with SGM Murni

This Service partners with SGM Murni Childcare Centre to empower children from lower income families in Singapore to be more confident and self- aware. In 2012, PAP listed 317 non- profit childcare centres, about 290 are situated in HDB residential blocks. This centre supports working parents from a lower income with affordable cost. SGM aims to provide holistic education that emphasises on social, emotional, cognitive and physical and with affordable cost. Students in this service will work with SGM Murni child care centre to boost preschoolers’ (aged 5 – 6 years old) confidence through gymnastics and movement activities. Our contribution empowers these children to embrace challenges, be receptive to changes and learn to have fun in sports and movement, building agility as well as having fun and keeping fit. This service is designed to meet the vision and mission of SGM Murni Child Care centre, which is to nurture young children, with a focus on learning through music. UWCSEA students will learn how to lead activities and introduce rhythms and beats with simple movements. They will collaboratively plan with the teacher facilitators and lead fun activities.


Culturama is our school’s annual dance performance, usually held in October. Each dance has different themes. This year’s theme is the traditional culture of different countries, and the culture of each country must be a long time ago tradition. I was selected for Italian dance this year. I practiced busy but interesting. It was a great pleasure to be selected into culturama.

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