Karate is a very good exercise method, and lots of people love it, at ordinary times many people will practice karate, we can through karate exercise method to enhance the physical quality, it is a very healthy sport way.
Karate is very good to our health, first through karate can enhance the physical condition of exercisers and increasing strong physique, also can increase a person’s patience, responsibility, self-confidence. More valuable are that through the strict training in karate can cultivate people’s a fearless psychological quality, for us to keep healthy psychology, it can also let us develop a good state of mind. In karate practise at the same time, the need to maintain a strict karate etiquette education and the specific etiquette rules can not only learn karate technology but also with a good etiquette education, cultivation of personality, form the correct outlook on life, develop the habit of respect for others, manners and social morality.

And because the karate is a competitive combat sport, demand practitioners have the strength, speed, agility, coordination, flexibility, endurance and explosive force, such as physical quality, can cultivate people’s bravery, tenacity, perseverance, fearless of the will and good psychological quality, it can not only help us exercise quality, but can also let us have a good state of mind, is helpful to our health, and it requires the correct posture, the body upright, shoulders back, and pull to keep the body strong and healthy, so it is suitable for our take karate exercise.

Karate exercise is very good for health, insist on karate exercise will be helpful to our health, not only can let us exercise a healthy body, but at the same time karate can also let us have a good mentality

How did I show perseverance, resilience and commitment in this activity?

  • I have been taking part in karate training since the first year of high school, and now I have got the green belt. I go to this activity on time every time although the exercise is very tired.

How did I maintain my motivation for this activity?

  • I signed up for this activity because of my friend. In the beginning, I didn’t think of signing up for karate. In the following training, because my friend trained with me and the teacher praised me, I was motivated and fell in love with this sport.

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