Service reflection(LO3)

What activities did I plan?

  • We didn’t go to the children’s base after the Spring Festival holiday. Since it was a new season, some of the 10th-grade participants have changed, so we needed to tell them how to play with the children, plan the activity content, make the activity form, volunteer time and take charge of the leader based on our experience. However, due to the virus situation, our action was only planned to the point of preparing for implementation but not actually implementing, so we could only stop our service.

How did my plans change as the activity progressed? Why?

  • If we plan the same activities every time, the children will get bored. We did our “Head, Shoulder and toe” run for three weeks, and the kids all said they wanted to play new games instead of this. Therefore, later in the process of planning activities, we would develop imagination or Google search for games that could be played with children, in order to make the service process more interesting.

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