Running hour service(LO6)

“RUNNINGHOUR is an inclusive running club, promoting integration of people with special needs through running.
We have friends who are mildly intellectually challenged, physically challenged, hearing challanged, and visually challenged joining us to keep fit.
We welcome anyone passionate about running to join us as running guides.”

What did I learn about this issue?/Why is this a significant issue?

  • Caring for the disabled is a very important issue, although many people say they will care about the disabled, but how many people actually do it? Running Hour truly cares for the disabled and encourages them to live and exercise like others. Many volunteers (such as me) participate in this service and try their best to help them and improve themselves.


  • With the increase of policy attention and social concern, it has become an irresistible trend for the disabled to go out of their homes and integrate into the society. For example: disabled people go to school, disabled people get jobs, are hot topics at present, I believe in the future there will be more disabled friends, more disabled friends will be integrated into the society. But how to actually see them and be with them normally? The word “compassion” is inherently unequal, and people with disabilities are human beings, like all people in the world, equal. And I believe no one likes to be pitied by others.
    We do not have to treat the disabled to deliberately sympathy or help, that will only hurt their self-esteem. Don’t worry about being insensitive, as most disabled people will appreciate your indifference. We appreciate that other people don’t push us around, don’t put on colored glasses, don’t go messing around, understand how difficult it is, don’t stare at them unpolitely, don’t point and whisper, and lend a helping hand if they ask for


  • Disabled people are equal members of the big family of society and an important force in the development of human civilization. Caring for disabled people is an important symbol of social progress


Circus reflection (LO2)

The circus was an activity I had never practiced or learned about before, or even heard of, to improve my skills. Circus community is a very united community, because this kind of performance community needs to have certain team cooperation, we will begin with a training together, everyone is good at training, such as biking, walking on stilts, we will give a performance to some occasions, such as elderly community, or care for children, acrobatics, most of the time we will participate in school activities, such as UWC day. In this activity I learned a lot of strange skills, such as riding a unicycle which is very interesting

What actions did I take to overcome these challenges?

  • When I met difficulties, such as walking on stilts, I would keep practicing it, I would try the challenge together with my friends instead of giving up. It was a great pleasure to have friends involved in this kind of new activity, and I enjoyed the process of developing new skills together.

What was it about this activity that I found challenging/difficult?

  • Because this activity was new to me, I’ve never tried to participate in such activities, even just try was a big challenge for me, I had a lot of unknow things, like Juggling, it took me nearly three weeks to practice, finally I learned how to play this at the end of the time, although only catches the ball a few times, but I overcame the big challenge.


Were there challenges that I could not overcome? Why/why not?

  • Riding a unicycle was a challenge for me that I could not overcome, every time I ride a unicycle, I had a feeling that would fall off, the usual type of cycle was just common bicycle, I had never tried unicycle, therefore on the basis of my own psychological, I was afraid, I tried several times, but failed, at the end of the activity I still didn’t succeed.









– “松树绿色尚浅,然而近岸的海面却染上春天海藻的暗红……”北方海域的美,但岛屿其实并不是传统意义上那种热带的美丽,而是“多石的荒凉的临水岸边”